Tombstone of Bras Munes, Colombo National Museum

Tombstone of Bras Munes, Colombo Museum, Sri Lanka
Tombstone of Bras Munes is a Portuguese tombstone which is now on display in the National Museum of Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was discovered in the late 19th century, neighborhood of the site of Battenberg battery in the Fort (Lewis, 1913).

The tombstone contains an inscription of 8 lines and a broken figure above it. The figure depicts a left hand holding a bird tied with a chain.

  • Tombstone of Bras Munes
  • Name  : Bras Munes
    Date    : 19 March 1624
    Text   : Pater Noster Ave Maria Pola alma de Bras Munes que faleceo em 19 de Marco de 1624 esta he sua sepultura e de seus herdeiros
    Translation : A paternoster (The Lord's Prayer), an Ave Maria, for the soul of Brass Moniz, who died on the 19th of March 1624. This is his tomb and that of his heirs.
    Reference : Lewis, 1905, National Museum of Colombo.

    The inscription is said to be begun in the same way as that on the Mannar tomb of wife of Joao de Mello Sampayo (Lewis. 1905).

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