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Appallagoda Ambalama

Appallagoda Ambalama The Appallagoda Ambalama is an old wayside rest in the village of Appallagoda in Kandy District, Sri Lanka.

Ambalamas are traditional resting places built by locals to accommodate wayfarers who were traveling to distant places. The Ambalama at Appallagoda is believed to be a such structure built about 100 years ago (Rajapakse, 2016).

The Ambalama has been built by erecting twelve and four columns (12 externally and 4 internally) fixed in two concentric tiers. The double-pitched roof is paved with modern clay tiles and supported by the two sets of columns. Few names who involved in the construction of the Ambalama are found inscribed on the several columns (De Silva & Chandrasekara, 2009).

In front of the Ambalama is a stone "Pinthaliya", a traditional container used to provide drinking water to the wayfarers. 

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