Galathara Slab Inscription

Gal Athara Slab Inscription
The Galathara Slab Inscription is a stone slab that contains an inscription written in the mediaeval Sinhala language. Presently, this artifact has been placed at the premises of Dedigama Archaeological Museum.

The slab
This slab with the inscription was on the wayside to Galatara village in Kegalle District (Bell, 1904). The upper part of the slab is missing and said to be somewhere in the foundations of stone-banked water-course adjoining (Bell, 1904). 

Only 7 lines of writing are remaining on the slab (Bell, 1904). Below the writing is the figures of a dog, crow, the sun, and the moon (Bell, 1904).

The inscription
Period: 9-10th centuries A.D.
Script: Mediaeval Sinhala
Language: Mediaeval Sinhala
Content: This inscription records a donation made to a certain institution. It says that the donation is valid as long as the sun and the moon exist and anyone who transgresses this proclamation may be born as a dog or a crow. However, complete reading is impossible due to the broken state of the slab.
Reference: The information board at the site by the Department of Archaeology.

1) Bell, H.C.P., 1904. Report on the Kegalle District of the Province of Sabaragamuwa. Archaeological Survey of Ceylon: XIX-1892. Government Press, Sri Lanka. p.78.

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