Anuradhapura Stone Seat Inscription (Colombo National Museum)

Anuradhapura Stone Seat Inscription
A stone seat carved in the shape of a lotus flower with its stalk (a flower altar) is currently preserved in Colombo National Museum, Sri Lanka. It was discovered from somewhere in Anuradhapura District and later brought to the present location for conservation (Ranawella, 2005). It contains a short Sinhala inscription engraved on the peripheral part of the lotus.

The inscription was copied by the Department of Archaeology in 1972 (Dias, 1991). It does not contain any name or a regnal year of a king. On palaeographical grounds, the record has been dated by scholars to the 8-9th centuries A.D. (Dias, 1991; Ranawella, 2005).
Transcript: Rankemi Kit Asna
Translation: The (stone) seat of Kit (Kirti), the goldsmith
Reference: Dias, 1991.
1) Dias, M., 1991. Epigraphical notes (Nos 1 -18). Colombo: Department of Archaeology. pp.37-38.
2) Ranawella, S. (Ed.), 2005. Sinhala inscriptions in the Colombo National Museum: Spolia Zeylanica. Vol 42. (2005). Department of National Museums, Sri Lanka. p.9.

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