Nilwala Ganga River

Nilwala Ganga River
Nilwala Ganga (Sinhala: නිල්වලා ගඟ) is considered one of the important rivers in southern Sri Lanka. 

The river originates from the Panilkanda, Kabaragala and Dolawak regions North East of Deniyaya (De Silva et al., 1988). After travelling about 72 km, it eventually empties into the Indian Ocean at Matara in Matara District (De Silva et al., 1988; Jayawardana & Edirisinghe, 2016). The water of the river is mainly used for drinking water supply, bathing, washing and other domestic purposes as well as for irrigation of crops (De Silva et al., 1988).

River basin
The Nilwala Ganga river basin extends in an area of about 1,073 km2 (Elkaduwa & Sakthivadivel, 1999; Jayawardana & Edirisinghe, 2016). Approximately 70 % of the river basin is used for agricultural activities such as paddy, tea, coconut, cinnamon, citronella and rubber cultivations (Jayawardana & Edirisinghe, 2016).

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