Weeransole ruins (Wilpattu)

Weeransole ruins, Wilpattu
A site with the remains of an ancient Buddhist temple has been discovered in the Weeransole area located in the woods of Wilpattu National Park in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka.
The site & ruins
The site was revealed during a study conducted under the Wilpattu Resource Inventory Project implemented by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) in collaboration with the Department of Wildlife Conservation, during the period of June 2005 to April 2006 (Goonatilake, 2006). A total of 68 archaeologically important sites were recorded during this study including the ruins at Weeransole (Goonatilake, 2006). Goonatilake has described details about this site in his publication as follows;
Weeransole ruins near the Paluvilandawa tank has not been recorded by any previous workers and consisted of three destroyed Buddha statues, including two seated (Samadhi) and one standing statue. A well preserved seated (Samadhi) statue was brought to the Park entrance (Hunuvilagama) during the 1980s by Army offices, which can be seen at present in the image house. This statue is very similar to the Samadhi Buddha statue at Anuradhapura. One of the destroyed Samadhi Buddha statue seated under the hood of Naga King Muchalinda, is of a rare type. These three types of Buddha statues were recorded from eastern province; two from Seruvila Mangala Rajamaha Viharaya off Trincomalee and one from Kantale sugar plantation, which are currently displayed at the Archaeological Museum at Anuradhapura (Godakumbura, undated). This is the fourth known Buddha statue belonging to this posture. Broken lotus pedestal, which belongs to standing Buddha statue can also be seen at the site. The body of the statue is 1.15 m in height and its head and arms were missing. The name of the site is unknown and no such inscriptions are still found in the sites. The site has also been excavated and destroyed by treasure hunters, and needs immediate conservation action.
Citation: Goonatilake, 2006. pp.64-65.
1) Goonatilake, W.L.D.P.T.S. de A., 2006. Archaeologically important sites in Vilpattu National Park: present status and new findings. National Archaeological Symposium 2006. pp.57-80.

Location Map
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