Nawagiriyawa Wewa and Archaeological Ruins

Nawagiriyawa Wewa
Nawagiriyawa Wewa (Tamil: Navakiri Aru Reservoir) is a reservoir situated in Gal Oya Valley in Ampara District, Sri Lanka. 

This tank was constructed during the 1950-1954 period by impounding the waters of Nawagiri Oya (Tamil: Navakiri Aru) originating from the Friars Hood well-known hill of Veddah resident Tissahamy, bounded by Rajagala mountain range (Arumugam, 1969).

Archaeological ruins
A site with the ruins of an ancient Buddhist monastery has been found on two rocks located near the reservoir.

The reservoir
The bund of the reservoir is about 2 miles long and the water is extending in an area of about 2,700 acres at its full supply level (Arumugam, 1969). It has three spills and one sluice (Arumugam, 1969).

A protected site
The two rocks with the mound of a Stupa, buildings with stone pillars, foundations of buildings, chisel holing situated in Nawagiriyawa Lake belonging to Bandaraduwa village situated in the Grama Niladhari Division No. W/104B/2, Bandaraduwa in the Divisional Secretary’s Division Uhana are protected archaeological sites declared by a government gazette notification published on 10 October 2014.

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2) The Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, no: 1884. 10 October 2014, p. 922.

Location Map
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