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Pathirakali Amman Temple, Trincomalee

Pathirakali Amman Temple
Pathirakali Amman Temple is a Hindu shrine situated in Trincomalee town, Sri Lanka. It is dedicated to the goddess  Bhadrakali, a form of the Goddess Kali Amman, one of the deities of the Hindu pantheon. As locals consider her as the guardian deity of the town, she is fondly referred to as Nagara Kali (Arumugam, 1991).

As per local beliefs, the history of this temple is associated with the Kulakoddan era of Koneswaram Temple (Arumugam, 1991). The present temple was built in 1933 and subsequently improved in 1947 by adding several structures such as Maha Mandapam  (Arumugam, 1991).

The temple
A statue of Goddess Kali Devi is found installed in the sanctum of the temple. Four shrines dedicated to Vinayakar, Subramaniyar, Nagathambiran, and Bhairavar are located in the Praharam section (Arumugam, 1991).
The temple is popular for its annual festival that is held for ten days in March (Arumugam, 1991). It is end with a Ther (car) festival when three Ther chariots are towed circum ambulating (Arumugam, 1991).

1) Sri Pathrakali Amman Kovil by David Stanley is licensed under CC BY 2.0
1) Arumugam, S., 1991. More Hindu temples of Sri Lanka. London. p.61.

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