Lambrick Hall

Located on the premises of Sri Jayawardhanapura Maha Vidyalaya, Lambrick Hall was built on 13 July 1822 by Missionary Father Samuel Lambrick.
The Lambrick Hall (Sinhala: ලැම්බ්‍රික් ශාලාව) is an old building located on the premises of Sri Jayawardhanapura Maha Vidyalaya in Colombo District, Sri Lanka.

This building (a bungalow) was built on 13 July 1822 by Missionary Father Samuel Lambrick who commenced a school named Verchdch in its verandah. This place is considered historically significant as it was the base of the Christian missionary education system in Sri Lanka (Welandawe & Weerasinghe, 2016).

The building
The bungalow building has been constructed according to British architecture. It has a central hall and on the front and rear sides of it are a series of surrounding rooms with verandas facing outer space. The roof of the building has four sloping sections and the building can be accessed through three main entrances facing east, west and south. The roof of the verandas is held by 23 round pillars. 
Presently this building is used as an indoor sports complex.

1) Welandawe, H., Weerasinghe, J., 2016. Urban Heritage in the Western Region Megapolis Planning Project. p.121.

Location Map
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