Metigahatenna Shaila Abyanthararamaya

Metigahatenna Shaila Abyanthararamaya
Shaila-Abyanthararama Viharaya or Metigahatenna Viharaya (Sinhala: ශෛලඅභ්‍යන්තරාරාම විහාරය/ මැටිගහතැන්න විහාරය) is a Buddhist temple situated in Metigahatenna in Badulla District, Sri Lanka.

As the presence of an early-Brahmi inscription, the history of this site can be dated back to pre-Christian times. This inscription indicates that the cave of this site was an abode of Buddhist monks during the 2nd-1st century B.C.

Metigahatenna cave inscription
Period: 2nd-1st centuries B.C.                  Script: Early Brahmi                  Language: Old Sinhala
Transcript: Upasaka-Dinaha lene Manapadashane shagasha
Translation: The cave (named) Manapadassana of the lay devotee Dinna (is given) to the Sangha.
Citation: Paranavitana, 1970. p.57.

Metigahatenna Shaila Abyanthararamaya
1) Paranavitana, S., 1970. Inscriptions of Ceylon: Volume I: Early Brahmi Inscriptions. Department of Archaeology Ceylon. p.57.
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