Wales Park

Wales Park
The Royal Palace Park, also known as Wales Park or Wace Park (Sinhala: වේල්ස් උද්‍යානය), is a small urban and recreational park situated on a top of a hill southwest of Kirimuhuda in Kandy City, Sri Lanka. 

The hill where the park is situated was known in British times (1815-1948) as Castle Hill due to the belief that it was the site of a palace built for Konappu Bandara who reigned in Kandy by the name King Vimaladharmasuriya I [(1591-1604 A.D.) Briggs, 2018]. Later, a lakeside terrace was built there by King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha (1798-1815 A.D.), the last king of Sri Lanka (Briggs, 2018). It was remodelled and converted into a park in 1880 under the acting Colonial Secretary Herbert Wace (1851-1906) and opened in 1905 (Briggs, 2018; Denham, 1912).

The park extends into an area of 2 ha (4.9 acres). Presently, a Japanese artillery gun captured in Burma (present Myanmar) during World War II (1939-1945) is preserved in a small shelter on the park premises (Briggs, 2018).

Wales Park Wales Park

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