Beligala Viharaya (Balangoda)

Not to be confused with Baligala Viharaya (Kegalle)

Pethigepitiya Viharaya

Beligala Viharaya (Sinhala: බලංගොඩ බෙලිගල විහාරය) is a Buddhist temple situated in Pallekanda village near Balangoda town in Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka.


In popular folklore, the origins of this temple intertwine with the storied reign of King Valagamba (103, 88-77 B.C.) of Anuradhapura. Legend has it that the cave of this site served as the clandestine retreat for Valagamba when he sought refuge from the incursions of South Indian invaders who held sway over the Anuradhapura Kingdom. According to the tales passed down through generations, these caves provided sanctuary for the beleaguered king during a tumultuous period in the region's history.


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