Budugallena Viharaya (Kempitikanda)

Budugallena Viharaya is a Buddhist cave temple located in Kempitikanda village. The caves at this site is said to have been used by Sura Saradiel.
Budugallena Viharaya
Budugallena Viharaya

Budugallena Viharaya (Sinhala: කෙම්පිටිකන්ද බුදුගල්ලෙන විහාරය) is a Buddhist cave temple located in Kempitikanda village in Kegalle District, Sri Lanka.


Although there is no concrete evidence, locals link the history of this site to the time of King Valagamba (89-77 B.C.) Anuradhapura Period. It is believed that he dwelled in the caves of this site to organize the troops to fight against the South Indian invaders who, at the time, were ruling in Anuradhapura. The drip-ledged caves indicate that this site has a long history probably rooting to the early part of the Anuradhapura period.

Also, the tunnel mouth which opens to one of the caves of this temple is said to have been used by Sura Saradiel (1832-1864), a bandit who is popularly known among the people as the Robin Hood of Sri Lanka. Uthuwankanda Saradiel's Rock, his hideout, is located nearly 4 km southwest of this site.

Budugallena Viharaya
Saradiel cave at Budugallena Viharaya

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