Pujãvaliya (Sinhala: පූජාවලිය) is a Sinhalese classic written in the 13th century. It was compiled by Buddhaputra Sthavira (commonly known as Mayurapãda Thera) of Mayurapãda Pirivena (probably Mayurawathi Viharaya) after accepting the invitation by Deva Prathiraja (Wikramasinghe, 1900). 

Pujavaliya was compiled by Buddhaputra Sthavira when he was living in Prathiraja Piriven Viharaya at Palabathgala during the period between 1266-1275 A.D. It is the first book written by Sthavira (Gnanawimala, 1997). The major intention of compiling the book was to extol the Araham, one of nine epithets of Buddha (Wikramasinghe, 1900). It contains a collection of tales related to the Buddha and many of his followers as well as some accounts of the history of Sri Lanka. The tales have been chronologically arranged in 34 chapters.

Chapters of Pujavaliya 
    1) Pǔjãsangraha Kathã
    2) Abhinîhãra Magul Pǔjã Kathã
    3) Vivarana Magul Pǔjã Kathã
    4) Bodhisambhãra Pǔjã Kathã
    5) Jãthibheda Pǔjã Kathã
    6) Dwithîya Jãthibheda Pǔjã Kathã
    7) Sãdhunãda Pǔjã Kathã
    8) Prathisandhi Pǔjã Kathã
    9) Prasava Mangala Pǔjã Kathã
    10) Mahãbhinikman Pǔjã Kathã
    11) Bõdhimandala Pǔjã Kathã
    12) Sãdhunãda or Ayãchana Pǔjã Kathã
    13) Isipathanãrãma Pǔjã Kathã
    14) Vēluvanãrãma Pǔjã Kathã
    15) Nigrõdharãma Pǔjã Kathã
    16) Bhikshãtanãdi Adbhǔtha Pǔjã Kathã
    17) Jēthavanãrãma Pǔjã Kathã
    18) Pǔrvãrãma Pǔjã Kathã
    19) Namaskãrãdi Pǔjã Kathã
    20) Asadrisha Mahãdãna Pǔjã Kathã
    21) Gangã Rõhana Pǔjã Kathã
    22) Divya Rãja Pǔjã Kathã
    23) Yamaka Prãthihãrya Pǔjã Kathã
    24) Pãndukambalãsana Pǔjã Kathã
    25) Dēvõrõhana Pǔjã Kathã
    26) Bhikshunî Sãsana Utpatti Pratipatti Pǔjã Kathã
    27) Adãhana Pǔjã Kathã
    28) Jivakãrãma Pǔjã Kathã
    29) Samameth Noyek Jãthibheda Pǔjã Kathã
    30) Jîvithadî Pǔjã Kathã
    31) Prãtihãryadî Pratipatti Pǔjã Kathã
    32) Uddēsika Pǔjã Kathã
    33) Samyak Pratipatti Pǔjã Kathã
    34) Lankadvipa Uddēsika Pǔjã Kathã

1) Wikramasinghe, D. M. D. Z., 1900. Catalogue of the Sinhalese Manuscripts in the British Museum: London. pp.31-35.
2) Gnanawimala, K., 1997. Pujavaliya. Colombo. M. D. Gunasena. pp.iii-xxiii.

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