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National Museum of Galle

National Museum of Galle
The National Museum of Galle, Sri Lanka is one of Museums Administered by the Department of National Museums. It has been established in an old Dutch building located in the Galle fort (Abeyawardana, 2004; Embuldeniya & Karunarathna, 2019). 
The building which houses the present museum was constructed around 1656 or 1686 (Embuldeniya & Karunarathna, 2019; Rambukwella, 2014) as the house for a commander or a similar high official (Abeyawardana, 2004). During the Dutch period it was used as an armory for the Dutch garrison at the fort (Ranchagoda, 2015).
The building was later converted to a museum and was declared open to the public on 31 March 1986 by Department of National Museums (Embuldeniya & Karunarathna, 2019; Rambukwella, 2014).
A part of the museum building is said to had been destroyed during the construction of New Oriental Hotel (present Amangalla Hotel) nearby (Abeyawardana, 2004). 
Archaeological and anthropological objects related to Southern region such as traditional wooden mask carvings, collection of Beeralu laces and ornamental objects made up of turtle shells are exhibited in this museum (Embuldeniya & Karunarathna, 2019). They also include artifacts such as brass-ware, Dutch items, copies of ancient paintings, ivory carvings, masks and household items (Rambukwella, 2014).

National Museum of Galle National Museum of Galle
1) Galle National Museum 002 by Dan arndt is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
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