Samangala Aranya Senasanaya

Samangala Aranya Senasanaya
Samangala Aranya Senasanaya (Samangala forest hermitage) is a Buddhist temple situated in the village of Samangala in Ampara District, Sri Lanka. The mountain, Samangalakanda is located about 5.6 km to the west of 28 Junction on the Ampara - Maha-Oya road.

A large number of caves with drip ledges have been found on the slope of the eastern side of the Samangalakanda mountain (Withanachchi, 2013). Some caves contain early Brahmi inscriptions (3rd century B.C.- 1st century A.D.) inscribed just below the drip ledges.

 ''Transcript: Upa rajhaha puta aya abaya puta thishaha puta thisha ayana karite maha lene agata anagata chatudisha shagasha dine''
Citation: Medhananda, 2003. p. 214.
According to the opinion of Rev. Ellawala Medhananda, the last name mentioned in this cave inscription (thisha aya) indicates the name of King Saddha Tissa [(137 B.C. – 119 B.C.) Medhananda, 2003; Withanachchi, 2013]. Therefore, this inscription gives evidence of the political connectivity between the aforesaid king and the Digamadulla region during the early Anuradhapura Period (Withanachchi, 2013).

An inscribed sketch resembling a figure similar to Sanchi Stupa in India has been found on a tall rock boulder near a cave (Medhananda, 2003). Also, the remains of old rubble walls are still visible in front of several caves (Withanachchi, 2013).

A protected site
Samangala mountain range with drip-ledged cave complex containing inscriptions belonging to Samangala village situated in the Grama Niladhari Division No. W/104B/2, Bandaraduwa in the Divisional Secretary’s Division Uhana is an archaeological protected site, declared by a government Gazette notification published on 10 October 2014.

Samangala Aranya Senasanaya Samangala Aranya Senasanaya Samangala Aranya Senasanaya Samangala Aranya Senasanaya
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