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Giruwa Ambalama

Giruwa Ambalama
The Giruwa Ambalama is an old wayside rest located on the premises of Aluthnuwara Dedimunda Devalaya in Kegalle District, Sri Lanka.

Ambalamas are traditional resting places built by locals to accommodate wayfarers who were traveling to distant places. The Giruwa Ambalama at Aluthnuwara is believed to have been built by Queen Sunetradevi, the chief consort of King Parakramabahu II (1234-1269 A.D.) and the mother of King Bhuvanekabahu I [(1271-1283 A.D.) Mendis et al., 2019]. The pillars remaining at the site today are supposed to be belonging to the period of Bhuvanekabahu I.

The Ambalama has been built by erecting sixteen granite pillars and the four-sided roof is paved with flat clay tiles. It has been conserved by the Department of Archaeology at least three times.

A protected monument
The Aluthnuwara Devalaya, inscriptions, the Patthirippuwa and the Giruwa Ambalama situated in Aluthnuwara village in the Divisional Secretary’s Division of Mawanella are archaeological protected monuments, declared by a government notification published on 2 May 1975.

1) Giruwa Ambalama Aluthnuwara Mawanella by MediaJet is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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2) The government notification: No: 162. 2 May 1975.

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