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Uththararama Purana Viharaya, Udugampola

Uththararama Purana Viharaya, Udugampola
Uththararama Purana Viharaya is a Buddhist temple situated in the village of Udugampola in Gampaha District, Sri Lanka.

A toilet base from Maliga-godella Uththararama ViharayaAccording to the available historical and archaeological evidences, Udugampola was a Upa-Rajadhani (sub-kingdom) which was ruled by deputies under the guidance of the king during the Kotte Period [(1412–1597 A.D.) Wijesuriya, 2015]. Several historical sources such as Rajavaliya and "Alakeshwara Yuddhaya" (The battale of Alakeshwara) reveal that the King Sakalakala Wallabha (or Sakalakala Wallakabahu), one of sons of King Vira Parakramabahu VIII (1484-1505 A.D.) had ruled this region (Suraweera, 1997). The others, Dharma Parakramabahu (1508/09–1528 A.D.), the eldest son of  Vira Parakramabahu VIII became the king of Kotte and Prince Taniya Wallabha reigned the principality of Madampe. The palace of the king of Udugampola was built at the premises today known as Maliga-godella (the mound of palace) where the Uththararama Viharaya is situated. Remains of the Royal Pond and its protective moat are still being identified at the site (Wijesuriya, 2015). Also, the names of several villages surrounding the Udugampola, bear similar pronunciations of various task and services attached to the royal palace (Wijesuriya, 2015).

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