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Old Park Kachcheri (Jaffna)

The old Jaffna Kachcheri Building (Sinhala: යාපනය පැරණි උද්‍යාන කච්චේරිය; Tamil: பழைய பூங்கா, யாழ்ப்பாணம்) is located in Jaffna Old Park premises near the Secretariat of the Governor of Northern Province in Jaffna District, Sri Lanka. The word K…

H.A.K.L. Manjula

National Art Gallery, Sri Lanka

The National Art Gallery (Sinhala: Jathika Kala Bhavana ) (Sinhala: ජාතික කලා භවන) is located in Cinnamon Gardens in Colombo District, Sri Lanka.  The Art Gallery mainly consists of two sections: one is reserved for the permanent collection…

H.A.K.L. Manjula

Council Chamber of Nissankamalla (Polonnaruwa)

The Council Chamber/Royal Court of Nissankamalla (or Nissankamalla's audience hall (Sinhala: නිශ්ශංකමල්ල රාජ සභාව, පොළොන්නරුව) is located in the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa , Sri Lanka. This monument is considered the best example found in …

H.A.K.L. Manjula

Dedigama Kota Vehera

Kota Vehera , also known as Cuthighara/Suthighara Cetiya (Sinhala: දැදිගම කොට වෙහෙර, සූතිඝර වෙහෙර චෙෙත්‍යය), is an ancient Stupa located in the village of Dedigama in Kegalle District, Sri Lanka. The site can be reached by travelling along the …

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Nawagamuwa Pattini Devalaya

Nawagamuwa Pattini Devalaya and Purana Viharaya (or Sri Sugatha Bimbaramaya ) Nawagamuwa Paththini Devalaya(Sinhala: නවගමුව පත්තිනි දේවාලය; Tamil: நவகமுவ பத்தினிக் கோயில்) are located in Nawagamuwa village, Colombo District, Sri Lanka. The site…

H.A.K.L. Manjula

Roland Silva

Deshamanya Dr. Sembukutti Arachchilage Roland Silva (1933-2020) (Sinhala: රෝලන්ඩ් සිල්වා) was an eminent archaeologist of Sri Lanka. He was the Commissioner of Archaeology in Sri Lanka from 1983 to 1991 and the founder of Central Cultural Fund.…

H.A.K.L. Manjula

Malini Dias

Dr. Malini Dias (Sinhala: මාලිනී ඩයස්) is an archaeologist and was the Director of Epigraphy & Numismatics of the Department of Archaeology, Sri Lanka from 1968 to 2004. She is the present vice-president of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lan…

H.A.K.L. Manjula
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