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Sri Sumathindarama Viharaya, Doranagoda

Sri Sumathindarama Viharaya
Sri Sumathindarama Viharaya (also known as Doranagoda Raja Maha Viharaya or Sadananda Pirivena) is a Buddhist temple situated in Doranagoda Village in Gampaha District, Sri Lanka.

Sri Sumathindarama Viharaya
According to local beliefs, the history of Sumathindarama temple is going back to the reign of King Devanampiyatissa [(c. 307-267 B.C.) Devananda, 2016]. It is believed that this temple was established by an Indian prince named Sumitta who is said to be a brother of Vedisa Devi, the queen of King Dharmashoka [(c. 268-232 B.C.) Devananda, 2016]. Prince Sumitta arrived in Sri Lanka with Sangamitta Theri, the Buddhist nun who brought the southern branch of the sacred Bodhi-tree in Bodh Gaya (India) to Sri Lanka in the 3rd century B.C.

The Stupa of the present temple is said to be a renovated one of the original Stupa which was destroyed during the Portuguese Period [(1505-1658 A.D.) Devananda, 2016]. The renovation, according to local beliefs,  has been carried out during the reign of King Kirti Sri Rajasinghe [(1747) Devananda, 2016]. It is also said that the image house of the present temple has been constructed during the same era (Devananda, 2016).

A number of stone-made building components and artifacts such as stone pillars, Korawak Gal (balustrades), flower altars, etc. are found scattered throughout the Vihara Maluwa premises. Some of the stone pillars have been utilized as the component of modern structures.

Doranagoda temple Doranagoda temple Doranagoda temple Doranagoda temple
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