Gurudeniya Old Arch Bridge

Gurudeniya Old Arch Bridge
Gurudeniya Old Arch Bridge, also known as Keisho Bridge (Sinhala: ගුරුදෙණිය පැරණි පාළම), is located in Gurudeniya on Old Kandy-road in Kandy District, Sri Lanka.

The bridge which is presently owned by the Road Development Authority has been constructed in 1847 over the Thalatu Oya river (Jayasinghe, 2021; Rajapakse, 2016).  It is a two-arch bridge constructed with the support of natural rock besides. The bridge is 11 m in length and 9.5 m in width (Jayasinghe, 2021; Rajapakse, 2016). The two arches are equal in dimensions and have been built with bricks and lime plasters (Rajapakse, 2016). The arch is reinforced with a stone, and the wall on the arch is 90 cm high and 45 cm wide (Jayasinghe, 2021).

1) Haragama bridge by Mhmshabeer is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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2) Rajapakse, S., 2016. Pauranika Sthana Ha Smaraka: Mahanuwara Distrikkaya (In Sinhala). Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka. ISBN:955-9159-34-8. p.36.

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