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Gurudeniya Old Arch Bridge

Gurudeniya Old Arch Bridge
Gurudeniya Old Arch Bridge (also known as Keisho Bridge) is located in Gurudeniya on Old Kandy-road in Kandy District, Sri Lanka.

The bridge which is presently owned by the Road Development Authority has been constructed in 1847 over the Thalatu Oya river (Rajapakse, 2016).  It is a two-arch bridge constructed with the support of natural rock besides. The bridge is 49 m in length and 9.55 m in width (Rajapakse, 2016). The two arches are equal in dimensions and have been built with bricks and lime plasters (Rajapakse, 2016). The road of the bridge is built of stones.

1) Haragama bridge by Mhmshabeer is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

1) Rajapakse, S., 2016. Pauranika Sthana Ha Smaraka: Mahanuwara Distrikkaya (In Sinhala). Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka. ISBN:955-9159-34-8. p.36.

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