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Parape Pillar Inscription

Parape Pillar Inscription
The Parape Pillar Inscription is a stone pillar that contains an inscription written in the mediaeval Sinhala language. It has been erected in the eleventh regnal year of a certain king but whose name is not in the preserved portion. Presently, this artifact has been placed at the premises of Dedigama Archaeological Museum.

The inscription
Period: 9-10th centuries A.D.
Script: Mediaeval Sinhala
Language: Mediaeval Sinhala
Content: This inscription contains information about some business activities, tax collection, and details of an administrative unit named Parape. However, a complete meaning can not be extracted from this inscription due to only a fragment of the original inscription is available today.
Reference: The information board at the site by the Department of Archaeology.

Location Map
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