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Gorakana Kande Vihara Slab Inscription

Gorakana Kande Vihara Slab Inscription
The Gorakana Kande Vihara Slab Inscription (Sinhala: ගොරකාන කන්දෙ විහාර පුවරු ලිපිය) has been erected on a small land plot near the Purana Kande Viharaya temple premises in Gorakana village in Kalutara District, Sri Lanka. 

According to the view of some, this is probably the most modern inscription so far discovered in the country. Dated on 15 May 1848, it records a pious woman's donation of a plot of land to the cause of Buddhism (Ceylon Year Book, 1954). 

Period: 19th century A.D.
Script: Modern Sinhala
Language: Modern Sinhala
Content: This land has been purchased from Lindamulage Salaman Allis Atbandane Kankanama by Mahamarakkalage Apolonia Prera (Punchi Hamine) of Moratuwa. Its boundaries are Kahatagahawatta to the east; the Gamsabha (village council) Totupola (ford) to the north; Gamsabhawatta to the west; and Meegahawatta to the south. It is mentioned that the land has been donated to the benefit of all for as long as the sun and moon exist. 
Reference: The information board at the site by the Department of Archaeology and the Ministry of Education.

1) Ceylon Year Book, 1954. Department of Census and Statistics. p.241.

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