Gorakana Gal Kanuwa Junction Inscription

Gorakana Gal Kanuwa Junction Inscription
Gorakana Gal Kanuwa Junction Inscription (Photo credit: Google Street View)

The Gorakana Gal Kanuwa Junction Slab Inscription (Sinhala: ගොරකාන ගල්කණුව හන්දියේ පුවරු ලිපිය) has been erected on the corner of Galkanuwa Rd junction on the Moratuwa-Pandura main road in Gorakana village in Kalutara District, Sri Lanka.

The inscription has been engraved on one side of a stone slab of about 4 ft. in height. The upper margin of the stone is round. The inscription consists of seventeen lines and it begins with a sketch of a hand showing the direction to the Buddhist temple Gorakana Kande Viharaya. In 1953, the Department of Archaeology copied and documented the inscription under register no. 2226 (Kodithuwakku, 2022).

Period: 19th century A.D.                    Script: Modern Sinhala                    Language: Modern Sinhala
Transcript: (1) Sugathabdam 2403 (2) The road to the (3) Gorakana Vihara (4) Mahanuwara Pushparama (5) Vihara parsha Kolamba Pala (6) the weda sitina Sanghaya..... 
References: Kodithuwakku, 2022. p.176.

The inscription initially says that it was established in 2403 B.E. (1860 A.D.) and then mentions in English language that this is the way to the Gorakana Viharaya. It further mentions that Wadduwe Sri Dhammananda who belongs to the Mahanuwara Pushparama Chapter (Malwattta Chapter) is the chief incumbent of the temple at the time (Kodithuwakku, 2022). The record ends with the date denoted in the standard method, 1860.04.20 (Kodithuwakku, 2022).

See also

1) Kodithuwakku, N., 2022. අභිලේඛන සංග්‍රහය-1 (Abhilekhana Sangrahaya-1). Department of Archaeology. ISBN: 978-624-5840-17-4. pp.175-180.

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