Anuradhapura-Puttalam road Arabic Inscription

Anuradhapura-Puttalam road Arabic Inscription
Anuradhapura-Puttalam road Arabic inscription is one of the Arabic Inscriptions in Sri Lanka.

This slab with an inscription is said to have discovered from a place on the wayside of Anuradhapura-Puttalam road (Kalus & Guillot, 2006).
The inscription has been inscribed on the vertical side of a rectangular slab. It is written in Kufic script with leafy or flowery ends (Kalus & Guillot, 2006). The inscription has been dated to the 9th century A.D. (Dasanayaka, 2017).
1) Dasanayaka, R., 2017. Arabs in Serandib: Trade relations between Sri Lanka and West Asia from ancient time to 15th century A. D.: Historical and Archaeological Survey. S. Godage & Brothers. ISBN: 978-955-30. pp.352-353.
2) Kalus, L. and Guillot, C., 2006. Réinterprétation des plus anciennes stèles funéraires islamiques nousantariennes: III. Sri Lanka (In French). Archipel, 72(1), pp.18-22.

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