Attanagalu Oya

Attanagalu Oya (Sinhala: අත්තනගලු ඔය) is a river located in the wet zone of Sri Lanka. It flows through Gampaha District by providing water for irrigation and drinking water supplies (Pathirana et al., 2012; Waniganethti et al., 2012).

River basin
The Attanagalu Oya basin is situated between the Kelani (south) and Maha Oya (north) basins in the Western Province (Arumugam, 1969; Wijesekara & Kudahetty, 2010). It is the main river basin in Gampaha District with an extent of 727 km2 (Waniganethti, 2012; Wijesekera & Perera, 2012). Majorly four streams namely; Diyaeli Oya, Attanagalu Oya, Uruwal Oya, Kimbulapitiya Oya form the Attanagalu Oya which discharge into the Negombo Lagoon as Dandagamuwa Oya (Arumugam, 1969; Pathirana et al., 2012; Wijesekara & Kudahetty, 2010).

Under the Attanagalla Oya Irrigation Development Scheme, a number of anicuts were constructed during 1945 -1950 (Arumugam, 1969).

Diyaeli Oya: Muruthawela anicut, Pallewela anicut, Maha-Amuna anicut, Panugala anicut, Idallawela anicut.
Attanagalu Oya: Morenna anicut, Ketawala anicut, Tammita anicut, Kotugoda anicut.
Uruwal Oya       : Kinigama anicut, Galwetiya anicut, Bogampitiya anicut, Welikada anicut.

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Location Map
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