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Konakalagala Ambalama

Konakalagala Ambalama
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The Konakalagala Ambalama is an old wayside rest situated in Konakalagala village in Kandy District, Sri Lanka. 

Ambalamas are traditional resting places built by locals to accommodate wayfarers who were travelling to distant places. The Ambalama at Konakalagala is believed to have been built during the reign of King Vimaladharmasuriya II [(1687-1707 A.D.) De Silva & Chandrasekara, 2009]. This is considered to be the first Ambalama found on the ancient route that ran between the Kandyan Kingdom and Trincomalee (Dasanayaka, 2018; De Silva & Chandrasekara, 2009).

It is said that there was a note with a date on one of the wooden seats of this Ambalama, but it has been replaced during a later restoration (Dasanayaka, 2018). The woods that have been used in this building are apparently similar to those found in the Magul Maduwa in Kandy (Dasanayaka, 2018).

As the case of Godamunna Ambalama, this had also been built on a horizontal frame of four wooden beams (balanced on four rock boulders) and its roof was held by four pillars on the corners (Dasanayaka, 2018). During the beginning of the 20th century, it was expanded from all four sides by adding 12 more wooden pillars (Dasanayaka, 2018; De Silva & Chandrasekara, 2009). 

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