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Palatota Ammunition Store

Palatota Ammunition Store
Palatota Ammunition Store (Sinhala: පලාතොට ලන්දේසි ආයුධ ගබඩාව) is an old Dutch building situated in Palatota in Kalutara District, Sri Lanka.

The building
This building was built by the Dutch (Dutch Ceylon: 1658-1796 A.D.) to store ammunition and to preserve it from fire (Katupotha, 2011). It is quadrangle in shape and has a vault-like roof made of brick and concrete (Katupotha, 2011). Windows have been fixed on the walls to control the air circulation inside the store.

A protected monument
The ancient ammunition store in Palathota Grama Niladhari Division bearing No. 723E in Kalutara Divisional Secretariat Division is an archaeological protected monument, declared by the government Gazette notification published on 23 February 2007.

1) Katupotha, J., 2011. Cultural and Historical Monuments and Protected Resources of Archaeological Significance in the Lower Kalu Ganga Basin, Sri Lanka. Conference Paper. National Archaeological Symposium 2011. pp.197-213.
2) The Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. No: 1486. 23 February 2007. p.123.

Location Map
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