Friday, May 7, 2021

Putuhapuwa Ambalama

Putuhapuwa Ambalama.
Photo credit: Google street view

The Putuhapuwa Ambalama is an old wayside rest situated in Teldeniya in Kandy District, Sri Lanka. 

Ambalamas are traditional resting places built by locals to accommodate wayfarers who were travelling to distant places. The Putuhapuwa Ambalama is believed to be one such structure built in ancient times.

This Ambalama is primarily made out of granite blocks. The roof which has a complex shape is held by fourteen pillars fixed in two tiers of squares (ten pillars in the outer square and four in the inner square). Connecting the pillars in the outer square, a short wall runs around the building. The top part of the roof is covered by Calicut clay tiles (Rata Ulu) while the lower part is covered with semi-cylindrical clay tiles (Sinhala Ulu).

Location Map
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