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Courts View Hotel

Courts View Hotel
Photo credit: Google Street View

Courts View Hotel is a private house situated near the Matala Fort in Matara District, Sri Lanka.

Although this is said to have been built during the Dutch Period of Sri Lanka (1658-1796 A.D.), English architectural features are also visible on the building (Bohingamuwa, 2005).

The building
This two-storied building is said to be the tallest building in the area until recent times (Bohingamuwa, 2005). In front of the building is a porch and its roof is held by round-shaped columns. The porch provides access to a doubled columned open verandah with timber lattice between the columns. There is timber/concrete grillwork below this latticework (Bohingamuwa, 2005).

Inside the house, a carved timber staircase, built in the zaal is found (Bohingamuwa, 2005). The windows and the doors are made of timber and timber-framed panels with carvings are found on both the upper part of the doors and windows (Bohingamuwa, 2005).

1) Bohingamuwa, W., 2005. Preliminary Survey of Tsunami-affected Monuments and Sites in the Maritime Region of Sri Lanka. Part VI. ICOMOS Sri Lanka. p.27.

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