Ivan Peries

Ivan Peries
Ivan Peries (1921-1988) was a well-known Sri Lankan painter.

Life events
Ivan Peries was born on 31 July 1921 in Dehiwala as the son of Dr. and Mrs. James Peries (Dharmasiri, 1990). His elder brother was Lester James Peries (1919-2018) who later became a well-known film director in the country. Ivan studied painting under David Paynter and then Harry Pieris (Dharmasiri, 1990). He was among the early members of the Colombo '43, a group of Sri Lankan artists established in August 1943.
On a scholarship granted by the Sri Lankan Government, Ivan went to England in 1946 and studied art in the Anglo-French Art Center (Dharmasiri, 1990). He returned to Sri Lanka in 1949 but went back to England in 1953 and lived there with his wife Veronica till his death (Dharmasiri, 1990).

Ivan died on 13 February 1988 at the age of 66 (Dharmasiri, 1990).

Ivan's paintings were extensively exhibited in Europe and reviewed by eminent art critics such as John Berger, William Graham, and George Butcher (Dharmasiri, 1990).
Some of the paintings by Ivan are given below;
1) Homage to El Greco (1940) - oil on canvas
2) The Wave (1955) - oil on canvas

1) Dharmasiri, A., 1990. Section V: Painting Modern Period (1815-1950). Archaeological Department Centenary (1890-1990): Commemorative series; Vol. V. Painting. Department of Archaeology (Sri Lanka). pp.129,136.

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