Stanley Abeysinghe

Stanley Abeysinghe
Stanley Abeysinghe (1914-1995) was a well-known Sri Lankan painter.

Life events
Stanley Abeysinghe was born on 26 January 1914 (Dharmasiri, 1990). He studied at the Art Department of the Ceylon Technical College for a short period and in 1942, he became a teacher in the same department (Dharmasiri, 1990). After receiving a scholarship from the Sri Lanka Government in 1949, he went to the United Kingdom and studied at the Central School of Art, and St. Martin's School of Art until 1950 (Dharmasiri, 1990). In 1951, he worked at the British Museum for one year of the period (Dharmasiri, 1990). After returning to Sri Lanka, he rejoined the staff of the Ceylon Technical College as an Assistant Lecturer in Art in 1952 (Dharmasiri, 1990). From 1953 to 1965 he worked at the Government College of Fine Arts and became the Principal of the college from 1965 till his retirement in 1969 (Dharmasiri, 1990).

Abeysinghe died on 5 April 1995 at the age of 81.

Some of the paintings by Abeysinghe are given below;
1) Birth of Laksmi (1945) - oil on canvas
2) Samsaraprashnaya (1945) - oil on canvas
3) Kumbal-hala
4) Bhawanawa
5) Bala-tharuna

1) Dharmasiri, A., 1990. Section V: Painting Modern Period (1815-1950). Archaeological Department Centenary (1890-1990): Commemorative series; Vol. V. Painting. Department of Archaeology (Sri Lanka). pp.128-129.

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