Paramaulla Geta Kumbuk Tree and Ambalama

Paramaulla Geta Kumbuk Tree
Photo credit: Google Street View

The Paramaulla Geta Kumbuk Tree (Sinhala: පරමාඋල්ල ගැට කුඹුක් ගස) situated in Paramaulla village in Kurunegala District is believed to be one of the Historic and Ancient Trees in Sri Lanka. The tree is located on the wayside of Alawwa-Maharagama road near the junction that leads the road to Paramaulla Tempita Viharaya.

It is a Kumbuk tree (scientific name: Terminalia arjuna), a tree of the genus Terminalia. According to the information board set up by the Central Environment Authority, the history of this tree is related to King Vijayabahu III (1232-1236 A.D.) of Dambadeniya. It is said that this tree stood on the bund of the small reservoir called Paramaulla Wewa, which is now turned into paddy fields. The bund of this tank now served as a part of the road.

Due to the knotty appearance of the lower part of the trunk, this tree is known among the locals as Geta-Kumbuk Gasa. Kumbuk trees are said to have water purification abilities and therefore, they were planted on river banks and reservoir bunds since ancient times.

A small Ambalama (a traditional resting place) has been built under the shade of this tree by locals to accommodate wayfarers who travel to distant places.

Location Map
This page was last updated on 20 August 2022

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