K. Jayatilaka

Dr. Kaluachchigamage Jayathilaka (1926-2011), popularly known as K. Jayatilaka was a Sri Lankan novelist, short-story writer, literary critic and book publisher.

Life events
Born on 27 June 1926 in Kannimahara village in Gampaha District, Jayatilaka is widely accepted as one of the foremost figures in the field of Sinhala literary arts in recent times (Dharmadasa, 2013). He has published nearly 60 books in addition to many articles written for journals and other collections of essays (Dharmadasa, 2013). The government of Sri Lanka has awarded him State Literary Awards for his contributions to the field of literature.

He worked as a visiting lecturer in several national universities and also gave his knowledge for the benefit of government institutes such as the National Library of Sri Lanka, the National Arts Council of Sri Lanka, and the Sinhala Literary Panel of the Department of Cultural Affairs (Dharmadasa, 2013). He was also the founder president of the Sri Lanka Book Publishers Association (Dharmadasa, 2013). In 2007, the University of Sri Jayawardanapura conferred on him the Degree of Doctor of Literature (Dharmadasa, 2013). Several years before his death, Jayatilaka donated his ancestral home in Kannimahara along with his personal library to the public (Dharmadasa, 2013). He died on 14 September 2011 at the age of 85.

# Parajithayo (The Defeated, 1960) 
# Charitha Thunak (Three Characters, 1963)
# Delovata Nethi Aya (People Who Don't Belong to This World or the Next, 1964) 
# Vajira Pabbata (1964) 
# Pitamaha (1967)
# Kalo Ayam Te (The Time has Arrived for You, 1968)
# Punchirala (1972)
# Maya Maliga (1974)
# Matu Sambandai (To Be Continued, 1975)
# Rajapakse Walawwa (1980)
# Punchiralaga Maranaya (The Death of Punchirala, 1986)

Short stories
# Katu Saha Mal (Thorns & Flowers, 1959)
# Eka Gei Avurudda (The New Year Celebrations in One House, 1971)
# Nonimi Sittama (The Unfinished Painting, 1984)

Literary criticism
# Sahitya Vichara Satahan (Notes of Literary Criticism, 1963)
# Sinhala Katha Kalave Vikashanaya (The Evolution of the Sinhala Story-telling Art, 1965)
# Nuthana Sinhala Navakathawata Sanskruthika Ha Darshanika Pasubima (The Cultural and Philosophical Background to the Modern Sinhala Novel, 1969)
# Samaja Pragatiya Ha Sahitya Gena (Concerning Social Progress and Literature 1979)
# Navakatava Ha Samajaya (The Novel and the Society, 1979)
# Sahityaya Nirmanaye Mul Potha (Premiere of Literary Creativity, 1989)
# Nuthana Sinhala Vyakaranaye Mul Potha (The Premier of Modern Sinhala Grammar, 1991)
# Sahityaya Vichara Chintavali (Musings on Literary Criticism, 1993)
# Sinhalaye Arambhaya Ha Avasanaya (The beginning and the End of Sinhala, 2003)

# Sigiri Gee Nirmana (1989),        # Mayura Sandeshaya (1990),        # Tisara Sandeshaya (1991)
# Kav Silumina (1992),                    # Parevi Sandeshaya (1997)

# Jataka Sahityaya Ha Vessantara (The Jataka Literarure and Vessantara, 1988)
# Vishva Sahityaya Abhashaya Ha Nirmanaya (Influence of World Literature and Creativity, 2002)
# Buddha Charitayen Buddha Charitayata (From the life of the Buddha to the Buddha's Life, 2004)
# Darshanavada Asabadin (Being Close to Philosophical Thoughts, 2005)
1) Dharmadasa, K. N. O., 2013. K. Jayatilaka (1926-2011). Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, 58(1). pp.99–103.

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