Kuppiyawatta Jayasekararamaya

Kuppiyawatta Jayasekararamaya
Jayasekararama Viharaya, also known as Jayasekararamaya (Sinhala: කුප්පියාවත්ත ජයසේකරාරාම විහාරය), is a Buddhist temple situated in Kuppiyawatta in Colombo District, Sri Lanka.

With the revival of Buddhism in the Colombo area, this temple was built. It is said that there was an old building by 1823 but it no longer remains. The Vihara-ge (image house), Awasa-ge (monks dwelling) and the Devalaya were added to the temple in the latter part of the 19th century (Manathunga, 2016).

A protected site
The old Vihara-ge, Awasa-ge and the Devalaya belonging to Jayasekhararana Vihara situated in Kuppiyawatta village in Colombo Divisional Secretary’s Division, are archaeological protected monuments declared by a government gazette notification published on 18 June 1999.

Kuppiyawatta Jayasekararamaya Kuppiyawatta Jayasekararamaya
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2) The Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. No: 1085. 18 June 1999.

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