Maha Mantindaramaya (Matara)

Maha Mantindaramaya
Photo credit: Jaufer Mohamed (Google Street View)

Maha Mantindaramaya, also known as Maha Mantinda Pirivena (Sinhala: පුරාණ මහා මන්තින්දාරාමය, මහා මන්තින්ද පිරිවෙන), is a Buddhist temple situated in Bamunugama village in Matara District, Sri Lanka. 

This temple was established in 1893 as an education centre for Buddhist monks as well as laymen (Abeyawardana, 2004). Bedigama Siri Ratanapala Thera was the first incumbent of the temple (Abeyawardana, 2004). It is said that Athuruliye Keerti Sri Sumangala Thera of Sabarale Niwasarama Viharaya who had been given the judicial authority by Colin Campbell (1776-1847 A.D.), the 8th Governor of British Ceylon resolved disputes of locals from the land where the present Maha Mantindaramaya is located (Ranaweera, 2015).

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