O.M. da Silva Cosme

Oswald Murray Leon Harwood da Silva, known as O.M. da Silva Cosme (1919-2007) was a Sri Lankan Attorney-at-law and author.

Life events
Murray was born on 29 October 1919. He completed his primary and secondary education at Royal College in Colombo and had tertiary education at the University of London where he read for a degree in History (Perera, 2007). He chose the law as his profession and became a Barrister-at-law of the Middle Temple in London (Perera, 2007). He married Elyane Louise Marie Helen Groenen in 1952.

After arriving in Sri Lanka, Murray worked as an Attorney-at-law and was involved in civil, criminal, and appellate sides of the law (Perera, 2007). Later he joined the Inland Revenue Department as the first Legal Adviser to it (Perera, 2007). After his retirement, Murray went to Kenya on an assignment with the Commonwealth Secretariat where he served in the Attorney-General's chambers (Perera, 2007).

Murray passed away on 23 August 2007.

Murray is popularly known for his contribution to Portuguese studies (Perera, 2007).  

# Vikrama Bahu of Kandy: the Portuguese and the Franciscans, 1542-1551 (1967)
# Sri Lanka and the Portuguese, 1541-1557 (1986)
# Fidalgos in the Kingdom of Kotte, Sri Lanka, 1505-1656 (1990)
# Fidalgos in the Kingdom of Jafanapatam, Sri Lanka 1543 - 1658 (1994)
# Antonio Bocarro's 17th Century Sri Lanka, 1614-1617 (1998)
# Singhala Portuguese Art (2002)

1) Perera, C.G., 2007. Tribute—OM da Silva Cosme. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, pp.237-238.

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