Slave Island Railway Station

Slave Island Railway Station
Slave Island Railway Station (Sinhala: කොම්පඤ්ඤවීදිය දුම්රිය ස්ථානය) is one of the railway stations in the Western Province, Sri Lanka. It is the 2nd station on the Colombo-Beliatta line (Coastal line).

The railway station at Slave Island was built in 1867 by the British with the establishment of the Coastal line (De Silva & Chandrasekara, 2009).

The station building
The Slave Island station building is considered significant for its colonial architecture. It is a single-storeyed building with two platforms built on either side of the railway track. The roofs of the two platforms are held by columns made of cast iron with carved timber brackets (De Silva & Chandrasekara, 2009). Asbestos sheets have been used to cover the roof.

1) SL Colombo asv2020-01 img21 Slave Island halt by A.Savin is under the Free Art License 1.3

1) De Silva, N.; Chandrasekara, D.P., 2009. Heritage Buildings of Sri Lanka. Colombo: The National Trust Sri Lanka, ISBN: 978-955-0093-01-4. p.177.

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