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Olu Ella Falls
Olu Ella Falls (Sinhala: ඕලු ඇල්ල) is a waterfall situated in Amanawela village upon the southern bank of Wee Oya in Kegalle District, Sri Lanka. It is about 200 m high and originated from the Wee Oya, a tributary of the Kelani Ganga River, rising from the Dolosbage Mountains (Kautzsch, 1983). The waterfall cascades through a few segments and a picturesque view of it can be obtained from the wooden bridge that runs near the falls. 
The name of the fall "Olu Ella" in Sinhala means the "Lotus Fall". Presently, the waters of the fall have been utilized for a rural electrification scheme (Abeyawardana, 2002).

1) Olu-ella-fall-yatiyantota and Olu-ella by Deshaye have been released into the Public Domain.

1) Abeyawardana, H.A.P., 2002. Heritage of Sabaragamuwa: Major natural, cultural and historic sites. Sabaragamuwa Development Bank and The Central Bank of Sri Lanka. ISBN: 955-575-077-7. pp.85-86.
2) Kautzsch, E., 1983. A guide to the waterfalls of Sri Lanka: Tisara Prakasakayo. pp.58-59.
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