Kiribath Vehera

Kiribath Vehera
Kiribath Vehera (Sinhala: කිරිබත් වෙහෙර) is a ruined Buddhist monastery site in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka. It is located about 800 m to the northeast of the Vijayarama Monstery Complex.

Although the builder of this monastery is not known, it is assumed to be a work of the early Anuradhapura Period. A 10th-century pillar inscription of the Atthani type (immunity grant inscription) that was unearthed from the site revealed that the land named Uturmegiriwatta had been granted to a dispensary at Bamunkumbara (Wikramagamage, 2004; Wickremasinghe, 1912). Based on this, scholars such as Senarat Paranavirana tended to believe that this could be the site of the ancient Uttara Meghagiri Viharaya (Wikramagamage, 2004).

Kiribath Vehera Pillar Inscription
This inscription was discovered in 1891 by the then Archaeological Commissioner H.C.P. Bell (Wickremasinghe, 1912). It is dated in the 14th year of a king-styled Siri Sangbo who, according to scholars, is non-other than King Kassapa IV [(898-914 A.D.) Nicholas, 1963; Wickremasinghe, 1912]. It records that the land called Uturmegiriwatta that was granted to the dispensary at Bamunkumbara should be bounded on the east by Veher-watta, on the south by the Mi tree, on the west by the cart road, and on the north by the Sambada jungle (Nicholas, 1963; Wickremasinghe, 1912).
The site
The remains of a dilapidated Stupa, an image house of the Anuradhapura era, and a ruined Buddha statue of about 12 ft. in height have been found at the site. The image house of this site is very much similar to the Image House at Jetavanarama (Wikramagamage, 2004).
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Location Map
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