Milinda Prashnaya

Milinda Prashnaya, also known as Sri Saddharmadasaya (Sinhala: මිලින්ද ප්‍රශ්නය/ශ්‍රී සද්ධර්මාදාසය), is the Sinhalese translation of the popular Pali work of the Northern Buddhists entitled Milinda Panha (The questions of Milinda), the controversy occurred between the Indo-Greek king Milinda [or Menander I (165/155–130 B.C.)] and the senior Buddhist monk Nagasena on the Buddhist doctrine (Wikramasinghe, 1900).

The translation was carried out by Hinatikumbure Sumangala Thera at the request of King Kirti Sri Rajasinha  [(1747-1780 A.D.) Wikramasinghe, 1900]. Sumangala Thera was a pupil of Attaragama Bandara Rajaguru who was himself a pupil of the Sangharaja Weliwita Sri Saranankara Thera [(1698-1778 A.D.) Wikramasinghe, 1900].

1) Wikramasinghe, D. M. D. Z., 1900. Catalogue of the Sinhalese Manuscripts in the British Museum: London. pp.27-28.

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