Gurugalhinna Megalithic Cemetery

Gurugalhinna Megalithic Cemetery
Gurugalhinna Megalithic Cemetery, also known as Gurugalhinna Pre-historic Burial Site (Sinhala: ගුරුගල්හින්න මෙගලිතික සුසාන), is an ancient burial site situated in Hamillewa in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka. It is located on the wayside of Anuradhapura-Trincomalee highway about 8.5 km distance from Kahatagasdigiliya town.

The Gurugalhinna burial ground is believed to have existed during the period between the 7th-century B.C.- 3rd century A.D. Excavations done in the 1980s have revealed that this could be the burial place of the people of the human settlement of the Yan Oya basin.

It is conjectured that about 100 tombs had been located at this site. The remains of the dead that were deposited in a clay pot have been placed here in a recess formed by rock slabs placed encircling it and the top of it is sealed by another rock slab.

Gurugalhinna Megalithic Cemetery
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