Divulwewa Samadhi Buddha Statue and Monastery Ruins

Divulwewa Monastery
Divulwewa Monastery, also known as Divulwewa Archaeological Site (Sinhala: දිවුල්වැව පුරාවිද්‍යා ස්ථානය), is a ruined Buddhist place of worship situated in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka. 

The builder of the Divulwewa monastery is uncertain. It is believed to be one of the provincial temples built during the early Anuradhapura Period. The stone Samadhi Buddha statue discovered from this place is thought to be a work of the 3-4th centuries A.D. However, the megalithic burial site that was found in the vicinity of this monastery indicates that this area was a human settlement even before the Anuradhapura period.

As revealed by studies, the temple has undergone renovations from time to time. The ruins of an image house on stone pillars (Tempita Vihara) of the Kandyan Period have been identified in the temple premises.

Location Map
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