Stone Seat of Nissankamalla (Anuradhapura Museum)

Stone Seat Inscription of King Nissankamalla
The Stone Seat Inscription of King Nissankamalla (Sinhala: අනුරාධපුර කෞතුකාගාරයේ නිශ්ශංකමල්ල රජුගේ ගල් ආසන ලිපිය) is presently on the display at the Anuradhapura Archaeological Museum, Sri Lanka.

The seat
The seat was originally found at the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa and later brought to the present location for conservation. The inscription has been engraved on the upper surface of it and the writing has been commenced at the upper right corner of the seat. The writing then flows rightwards on all four sides until a small square is left at the centre of the surface.

The script and the language of the inscription are Sinhala of the second half of the 12th century A.D. and scholars have dated this record to the reign of King Nissankamalla [(1187-1196 A.D.) Ranawella, 2007]. It contains, like those of the other stone seat inscriptions, a repetition of some of Nissankamalla's charitable acts (Ranawella, 2007). The record further reveals that it was the seat on which Nissankamalla sat to witness the entertainment of various musical, dancing and sports activities (Ranawella, 2007).

1) Ranawella, S., 2007. Inscription of Ceylon. Volume VI. Department of Archaeology. ISBN: 978-955-91-59-61-2. pp.95-97.

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