Kumbukkan Oya

Kumbukkan Oya is a river in eastern Sri Lanka. It originates in the hills above Monaragala and flows a length of over 48 km before entering the Indian Ocean at Kumana (Arumugam, 1969).
River basin
The Kumbukkan Oya river basin extends in an area of about 1,232.83 km2 (Arumugam, 1969). The river has a mean annual flow of about 722 million m3 (Arumugam, 1969).

Reservoirs & anicuts in the Kumbukkan Oya river basin
#) Hulanda Oya Anicut                       #) Kumana Wewa                       #) Kumbukkan Oya Anicut

1) Arumugam, S., 1969. Water resources of Ceylon: its utilisation and development. Water Resources Board. pp.140-141.

Location Map
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