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Bentota Ganga

Bentota Ganga
Bentota Ganga (Sinhala: බෙන්තොට ගඟ; Tamil: பெண்தோட்டா ஆறு) is a river in southern Sri Lanka. It originates from mountains in the Elpitiya area and emptied into the sea near Bentota (Guruge, 2020). It is 68 km long and its tributaries are predominantly the Welipenne Ganga, Pitugal Ganga, Pelawatta Ganga, Elpithiya Ela and Migaspithiya Ela (Gramentz, 2008; Perera et al., 2018). Besides these rivers, the Kaluwamodera Ganga enters the Bentota Ganga close to its mouth.

River basin
Extending in an area of about 628 km2, the Bentota Ganga river basin is majorly spread in Elpitiya, Pitigala and Pelawatta areas (Guruge, 2020; Perera et al., 2018).

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