Makulu (Tree)

Hydnocarpus venenata is a plant endemic to the island of Sri Lanka. It grows as a tree of about 35 ft. high and produces timber that can be used in light constructions (Worthington, 1959). The bark is mealy-grey in colour (Worthington, 1959). The flowers are brown-white while the fruit is globular and brown in colour. Trees are majorly found in the dry zone stream sides below 2,500 ft. (Worthington, 1959). 

Vernacular names
Sinhala: මකුළු (Makulu)                                            Tamil: மகுல் (Makul)

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Malpighiales
Family: Achariaceae
Genus: Hydnocarpus
Species: Hydnocarpus venenata

1) Worthington, T.B., 1959. Ceylon trees. Ceylon trees. p.20.

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