Kurulu Kele Bird Sanctuary

Kurulu Kele Bird Sanctuary (Sinhala: කුරුලු කැලේ අභයභූමිය) is a lowland wetzone forest situated in Kegalle District, Sri Lanka. Presently, it is administered by the Forest Department of Sri Lanka (Pemarathne et al., 2014).

The forest area was declared a sanctuary on 14 March 1941 due to its high bird and plant diversity (Pemarathne & Gunaratne, 2013). At the time, the forest had an extent of 109 ha., but due to various human impacts, it is now left with only 11.32 ha. [(10.4%) Pemarathne & Gunaratne, 2013; Pemarathne et al., 2014].

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