Poramadulla Central College

Poramadulla Central College (Sinhala: පොරමඩුල්ල මධ්‍ය මහා විද්‍යාලය) is a government mixed school situated in Rikillagaskada in Nuwara Eliya District, Sri Lanka. It is considered the first Central College in the district (Abeyawardana, 2004).

The school was established as a Central College on 1 February 1946 (Abeyawardana, 2004). Initially, it had been maintained in the premises of Poramadulla Primary School which existed since 1920 (Abeyawardana, 2004). After the receipt of a gift of a land property named Mahagedara Walawwa (alias Opata Walawwa), the school was moved to the new venue and started the academic activities in 1956 (Abeyawardana, 2004).

The first applicant who entered the University from Nuwara Eliya District in 1957 is said to be a student of Poramadulla Central College (Abeyawardana, 2004).

1) Abeyawardana, H.A.P., 2004. Heritage of Kandurata: Major natural, cultural and historic sites. Colombo: The Central Bank of Sri Lanka. pp.253-254.
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