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Wirawila Tissa Sanctuary

Tissa Wewa, Tissamaharama
Wirawila Tissa Sanctuary is one of the Sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. It is situated near Wirawila and Tissamaharama towns in Hambantota District.

The area was declared a sanctuary on 27 May 1938 (Green, 1990).

Physical features & climate
The total area of the sanctuary is 4,164 ha (Green, 1990). It contains three water storage reservoirs namely: Wirawila Wewa, Tissa Wewa and Debara Wewa (Green, 1990). 
1) Green, M.J.B. ed., 1990. IUCN directory of South Asian protected areas. IUCN. pp.275-276.

Location Map
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